Sea Raiders

Price: 349.00 EGP
Age Group: 7+
Game Mechanic: Competitive Cooperative
Game Duration: 30 min to 90 min
Number of Players: 4 – 7 Players

Game story

Once upon a time, the Ottoman empire was showing off their big muscles to the rest of the world. Sultan Selim, “The first one”, found Egypt to be an interesting place to occupy. He owned big canons, while Egypt counted only small swords and horse vehicles. Under the Sultan’s reign, Egypt plunged into poverty and famine. 

As people struggled to find anything to eat, six brave sailors from Suez, Alexandria, Port Said, Damietta, Marsa Matrouh and Rashid took upon themselves the duty to navigate the Cape of Good Hope around Africa to collect wheat. 

The six sailors met at Port Said and sailed off on the Big Brother’s ship. The trip is bound to be very dangerous and only through their decisions and actions can they try to turn things around.

Game AuthorsAmir Eid
Ahmed Tarek
Game IllustrationsHessein Helmy
Game DesignAmir Eid
PublisherVisionario Play
Nilco Int.
Publishing Date2022



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