Our Story

Visinario is a board/card games company founded in 2021 that seeks to deliver board/ card games to every Egyptian household. Founded by four Egyptian friends who spent most of the lockdown period together. During this period, like many people around the world, we tried to overcome the Psychological effect of the pandemic by doing things that we enjoy, like playing board games, and we discovered that the Egyptian board game industry is serving a small category of people and needs new original ideas that represent Egyptian society.

Visionario Play specialises in creating Egyptian-language table games that focus on addressing different non-conventional ideas in the hope that they can become a tool for younger generations to broaden their horizons.

Our Mission

To become the most reliable and creative platform in Egypt for quality modern board games.

Our Vision

To become the most reliable place for creating quality modern board games.

Our Values

Fun – enable people to enjoy and prioritise fun experiences. 

Accessibility – to increase the accessibility of modern board gaming to all people.

Community – to be community-driven, and help grow the board game community.

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Amir Eid
Founder and Executive Director
Ahmed Tarek
Co-Founder, Game Designer and Developer
Shady Barakat
Co-founder, Marketing Manager
Abdalla Khairy
Co-founder, Coordinator
Ahmed Abdelnaby
Law Consultant



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