A Crime in the Metro – New game, soon on Kickstarter


Harassment is a very serious issue in Egypt that should be addressed not only at home, schools, universities and political constitutions, but also in all the arts. According to the Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights, 83% of Egyptian women said they had experienced sexual harassment. In 2013, a study released by the UN Women found that 99.3% of female respondents said they had been sexualy harassed.
Visionario Play specialises in creating Egyptian-language table games that focus on addressing different non-conventional ideas in the hope that they can become a tool for younger generations to broaden their horizons.
A Crime in the Metro prototype will be presented for the first time to audience at SPIEL 22 between 6th and 9th of October 2022 in Essen, Germany

Game Concept

Besides creating a playable and entertaining board game for all kinds of users, this game aims to highlight three key messages:

1- The criminal “sexual harasser” could be literaly anyone and their actions have nothing to do with their level of education, working position or beliefs.

2- The survivor should be believed and has to be supported.

3- Stereotyping is a behaviour that may lead to worsening existing issues in a society. Assumptions and generalisations can cause greater class and social discrimination while preventing the understanding of the complex reasons behind these issues. 

In the manual of the game, a brief text on harassment and its implications will be included. There will also be an open invitation to the game players to discuss after the game whether they felt safe within the group. Additionally, we will try to facilitate communication with relevant experts for the people who need suggestions and assistance.
All character figures in this game will be AI generated. This is going to be the first game with illustrations that is totally generated by a neutral AI.

Number of players: 4 – 6 players game – Game duration: 20 to 45 min – Age group: 12+

Game Plot

Players of this game will take the roles of detectives, supreme detective, troll and survivor. All of them will be trying to find the harasser in one of the passenger cards in metro wagons. Detectives will ask questions, check IDs and suspect passengers. The supreme detective will supervise the detectives, discuss with them and let innocent passengers go. The troll who doesn’t realize that what happened is a big deal will try to confuse the detectives. The survivor will try to help the Detectives to identify the harasser card.


This game is made in collaboration between Egyptian partners and German partners. 

Egyptian partners:

  • Massriy’at “women rights group” provides the right information on the matter and ensures that the game sequence and components would be appropriate for players who may find the game ill-suited.
  • Nilco International provides production and distribution in Egypt.
  • Friends and supporters of the cause in Egypt who received this very text and provided useful information and insightful comments.

German partners:

  • “Mücke Spiele” and “Spielmaterial” are a game publisher and components provider in Mönchengladbach, Germany. They have collaborated in developing the game mechanics to make sure the game is playable, producing prototypes and distributing the game in Germany, and creating this crowdfunding campaign for us because Kickstarter is not available in Egypt.
  • Friends and supporters from different nationalities who received this very text and provided useful information and insightful comments.

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