Visionario Play is a board & card games company founded in 2021 that seeks to deliver board & card games to every Egyptian household. It set off with four Egyptian friends who tried to make the best of the lockdown by doing things they liked, especially playing board games. Faced with the small offer of the Egyptian board game industry, they launched into developing original and playful ideas for games that reflect and take in Egyptian society.

A Crime in the Metro – New game, soon on Kickstarter

Brief Harassment is a very serious issue in Egypt that should be addressed not only at home, schools, universities and political constitutions, but also in all the arts. According to the Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights, 83% of Egyptian women said they had experienced sexual harassment. In 2013, a study released by the UN Women…

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حفل إطلاق لعبة أشباح البحر بمدرار للفن المعاصر

كلنا بنحب الالعاب الالكترونية وبنقضي وقت كبير واحنا بنلعبها، بس لو جربت العاب مصرية زي لعبة قول اميم مثلا او لعب مستوردة زي ريسك او دكس ات، يبقي لازم تيجي تجرب لعبتنا، لعبة أشباح البحرمدرار للفن المعاصر و ڤيجيناريو بلاي يدعونكم لحفل إطلاق لعبة أشباح البحر يوم الخميس ١٥ سبتمبر الساعة ٦ مساءًا بمساحة مدرار.…

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